Oath of Peace


Spain returns the artifacts, but, with a chaperon. The Spaniard’s lust for treasure and the beautiful Dr. Berger brings strife to the excavation. The first book opened turns out to be the Community Ledger. It provides a wealth of information from which they discover hidden treasures. The second book introduces Aharon Dori and the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Aharon explains how they came to Hoshiya. The Hoshiyans create a better society by their Oath of Peace (Brit Shalom) between them. The team’s struggle with terrorism isn’t over. How will Simon choose between the woman he loves and his duty to the prophecy?

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The Spanish government returns all the artifacts to Prof. Rosenberg to continue their research. However this time the artifacts come with a Spanish chaperon, Dr. Miguel Sarmiento, archaeologist. His lust for treasure, fame and the beautiful Dr. Aviva Berger enraged the Israelis.
After restoring a book they open it to a huge surprise.
The second book restored was first volume of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. Follow these people’s development until they decide together to create an Oath of Peace between themselves.

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