Author, Expert in winemaking, cannabis production, Plant Genetics, Greenhouse
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Author bio

Dr. Barry Nadel was born in Texas (July 11, 1953)

He grew up in San Jose, California (before it was Silicon Valley, in a religious Jewish home. From 1971 to 73, he studied Archeology and Anthropology. He switched to Enology and Viticulture, receiving his B.Sc. from UC Davis (1975) and then his M.Sc. in grape genetics in 1977. He was the first person to do grape tissue culture at UC Davis. In 1976 he won the Winkler Scholarship from the Dept. of Viticulture and Enology.
During the summer of 1977, he made aliyah to Israel to do his Ph.D. in plant genetics at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University in Rehovot. He received his 1981.

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