Tips for Growing Better Medicinal Cannabis

  1. your cannabis growing season with healthy, clean plants. Always have an extra 5-10% of plants to ensure that your medicinal cannabis growing area is completely plants. Maintain your extra plants for at least fifteen to twenty days after transplanting the bulk of your cannabis plants. Don’t use any plants that show any signs of disease or insect infestation.
  2. Use drip irrigation to allow for faster growing cannabis plants. Keeping your leaves dry will produce healthier plants. Don’t allow the growth media to dry out. It causes the plants to suffer from stress. Like in humans, stress is a major factor in disease infestation. 
  3. Check your growing area for diseases and pest infestations at least twice a week. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, hire an expert. If you do it yourself, make sure you have a magnifying glass which you so you can properly identify the disease or pest. Check under the leaves. Many insects attack the under portion of the leaf.
  4. Don’t wait to treat cannabis diseases and pests. Do it immediately to prevent them from spreading. If you are growing organically, check out my book Production of Medicinial Cannabis in Greenhouses for the lastest in organic pesticides and insecticides.
  5. The chemical profile of Medicinal Cannabis needs to be  the same every season. To accomplish this, don’t use organic fertilizer. Scientific articles show that changes in fertilizer profile, even minor, h change your chemical profile of your Cannabis. Changing terpene and cannabinoid content or concentration will alter the medicinal characteristics of your buds or oil.
  6. Maintain a clean growing area. Always remove dead plants and any rubbish. Infested leaves with diseases and insects should be removed carefully. Use throw away gloves and a plastic garbage bag to prevent the spread of disease. If growing organically burn all infested plant parts. If not, then treat with 3% chlorine.  Once you have finished your cannabis growing season. Sterilize you pots, media, greenhouse and tools. Diseases and insects can overwinter in plant debris.

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